Waad Demands Bringing the Murderers of Husam Al-Haddad to Justice


Stressed the Need to Conduct an Investigation under International Human Rights Supervision: Bahrain was shocked Friday evening (the 17th of August 2012) when security forces intently murdered the child Husam Al-Haddad (16 years old) by shooting him with birdshot pellets that internationally forbidden, spilling his blood until he finally passed away. The National Democratic Action Society condemns this heinous crime, and rejects at the same time all the allegations and stories that authority claimed in a statement issued last night about the circumstances of the murder of Martyr Al-Haddad. Waad demands that the murderers be brought to justice and that an unbiased international committee of human rights organization is established, headed by the High Commission for Human Rights at the United Nations. The Bahraini citizen has lost confidence in the authorities as the authorities continue to evade and deny their responsibility for the blood of the many martyrs who have fallen and as they continue to refuse to implement the recommendations of the Bahrain Independence Commission of Inquiry (BICI) that confirmed the loss of faith crisis between citizens and the authorities – those authorities who have not fulfilled any of their promises since the beginning of the popular movement on 14th of February 2011. Waad also holds the authorities responsible for the country’s deterioration into an abyss of security and military measures and demands that the regime stops committing extrajudicial killings under the pretext of self-defense. This does not serve any alleged dialogue attempt. The regime must also stop its campaign to silence opposition voices and cease to lead the country towards more political, security and sectarian tensions. Waad holds the authorities responsible for dragging the current situation into further violence, and calls for the international community to uphold its moral obligations towards the bloodshed that is being committed against Bahraini citizens in various areas of the country.   The National Democratic Action Society “Waad” 18th of August 2012

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