Statement by Waad’s Political Bureau on 16 Apr 2013
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2013-04-17 22:21:23

Statement by Waad’s Political Bureau on 16 Apr 2013


·         Waad warns against political stagnation and accuses the government of obstructing the dialogue.

·         Waad condemns attack on the governmental offices and BFH car explosion

·         Waad condemns security forces’ interference and tear gas shooting inside schools

·         Waad demands Henderson’s "Butcher of Bahrain" trial and documentation of his crimes


National Democratic Action Society “Waad”’s Political Bureau held its regular periodical meeting on Monday 15 April 2013, discussing a number of domestic and regional issues.


First: The Domestic Situation:

-Peaceful Protest & the Security Solution

Waad’s Political Bureau paid tribute and honor to the masses participating in the peaceful popular movement called for by political opposition forces, which demand implementation of the legitimate objectives that Bahraini people have been fighting for since the 1920’s, of which as a result fell hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded and political prisoners merely for expressing their opinion and demanding their rights.


The assembly expressed its deep concern and warned against the repercussions of the current stagnant political situation, as the regime rejects resolving it, desperately trying to drag the peaceful popular movement to a security arena, which we strongly refuse and consider a disaster to the country and its citizens. Waad strongly believes in public peaceful political activity away from any external interference, and rejects the use of force regardless of its source, including attacking the government offices with cocktail bombs, as well as the car explosion near the Bahrain Financial Harbour in Manama. We condemn these action and consider them a deviation from the peaceful popular movement, benefiting the enemies of freedom, democracy and the legitimate demands of the Bahraini people, who continue their demand for a civil state with modern democracy and equal citizenship. We continue to support the rights of various groups to express their demands through internationally recognized peaceful means as an integral part of the principles of human rights and democracy.


On another topic, the assembly considered the ruling by the Court of Appeal on 15 April 2013 to dissolve the Islamic Action Association “Amal” a political judgment restricting political action in Bahrain, and demanded its withdrawal.


Furthermore, the meeting addressed the suffering of many areas in Bahrain from collective punishment, excessive force, siege and repression aimed at causing psychological and physical harm  to citizens. Those acts have even recently extended to schools, where violations are practiced by security forces against students, such as the case of the recent arrest of a student from the Al Jabiriya Industrial School, where security forces entered the school campus and clashes took place, in a new development by the regime that rejects the recommendation by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) with regards to respecting  academic campuses. The security forces entrance of schools and universities to detain students is against the relevant international conventions which Bahrain has signed on. The Political Bureau holds the Minister of Education and the government fully responsible for militarizing education and turning educational institutes into military barracks, and demanded the stop of discrimination and arbitrary dismissal from work, which continues until the moment despite claims by the related authorities otherwise.



-A Meaningful Dialogue

Additionally, the meeting discussed the National Dialogue, seeing that the preliminary sessions that had commenced on 10 February 2013 reflect the regime’s rigidness and refusal to enter a serious dialogue that can move the country out of the political and constitutional crisis suffered from since 14 February 2011.


Acts by the government and its alliances uring the dialogue reflect a desire to eliminate the Opposition, whether by provoking, insulting and cursing them during sessions, or by issuing statements and news articles against the national democratic opposition, constantly portraying them as traitors and eliminating their views while continuing to hold a security grip on the country.


The Political Bureau emphasized its commitment to a meaningful dialogue in which the government takes part, leading to results in agreement with the people of Bahrain following a public referendum, towards establishing the foundation of equal citizenship and a democratic country that respects human rights and does not discriminate against its citizens. Waad stressed on the importance of setting out a clear roadmap by ensuring the implementations of the recommendations by the BICI and the International Human Rights Council, and initiating the mechanism, principles and goals set by opposition parties to initiate the dialogue’s agenda.


-Harassing SG Ebrahim Sharif

With regards to detained Secretary General Mr.Ebrahim Sharif, Waad stressed on the necessity of ending harassment against him and other political leaders and human rights activist in Jaw Prison, as they are denied basic rights secured by international conventions and treaties; being deprived of medical access following the excessive torture they suffered under security forces since arrest, denied the use of personal hygiene items and receiving personal needs, while denying family visits.and forcing them to wear a specific uniform after two years of arrest.

Waad’s Political Bureau calls upon the ICRC to be acquainted with their and other political detainees’ situation, whom we demand their release as prisoners of conscious.


-Death of the Butcher

The meeting discussed the death of former security director Ian Henderson “the Butcher of Bahrain” and engineer of the repressive State Security system for decades, who ruled the country with a fist of iron and fire from the mid 1960’s to the beginning of the 2000’s, while he and his aides of key officials ordered nonstop campaigns of extrajudicial killings, torture and arrests. He was also behind fabrications of overthrowing the regime and all violations of human rights in Bahrain.


The Bureau alarmingly observed the responses of some of Henderson’s men, who expressed sorrow for his death, without regret or apology for the terrible abuses and murders commanded by their master torturer against citizens of Bahrain.

On this occasion, Waad invited all those who have been subject to abuse by Henderson and his aides to document their suffering, which is still being practiced in the same bloodstained manner when dealing with political prisoners and the national democratic opposition till this date. Waad’s Political Bureau announced its willingness to contribute to collecting and documenting testimonies by victims of the State Security, paving the way for a trial of the “Butcher of Bahrain”.


Second: The Regional Situation:

The meeting discussed a number of rapid developments taking place regionally and their impact on the local scene, seeing that:

·         Syria has departed the political solution and moved to a security military state, especially with part of the opposition adopting radical ideas and approaches via bombings and killings, thus complicating the scene and exposing Syrian territory to foreign intervention, which we refuse.

·         The bombings and violence witnessed in Iraq as it undergoes a political crisis cannot solve its deepening crisis. Dialogue and real democratic actions are the safest way to get out of the bottleneck.

·         Kuwait is called to reignite its democratic light as one of the finest Arab democracies,and find a peaceful way to resolve its problems, following the Emiri issuance of decrees related to the elections and the subsequent fallout leading to the sentencing of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak with five years in prison.


National Democrat Action Society “Waad”

16 April 2013



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