An Open Letter to the People of Bahrain and the Free World
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2013-01-15 19:51:22


Free people of Bahrain and the World,


After twenty two months of arbitrary detention and mock trials, the Court of Cassation delivered its final judgment by confirming the verdicts issued by the so-called military National Safety Court.  We stand proud in our prison cells and behind bars for being a part of people’s struggle in the face of repression and injustice and take this opportunity to reiterate the following facts: 


 We are people who have expressed an opinion and have taken a stance.  Our trials in essence have been political trials. The claim documentation lacked any evidence which links us and our fellow comrades being tried in absentia with any alleged acts of violence. Additionally, no evidence was submitted to substantiate the charge of colluding with a foreign state, a fabricated charge which was rebutted by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI or Bassiouni’s Committee) in paragraph 1584 of its report. The case was mainly based on unsubstantiated claims made by the National Security Agency pertaining to the existence of a secret organisation comprised of all the defendants, who are actually known for their diverse organisational, political and ideological backgrounds.  This supposed secret organisation was accused of orchestrating a foreign-backed plot to overgrow the regime by force, creating chaos and calling for violence. Officials of the National Security Agency, who were also accused by the BICI as inflicting torture leading to death, did not present any evidence and claimed instead that they have obtained their information from "confidential sources", sources they did not disclose because they are essentially fabricated and fake.


Our trials and the trials of hundreds of activists have and are still being conducted under the same approach adopted by the regime in its exploitation of the judicial system for the purpose of settling its scores with the political opposition.  The same has happened in the trials of the National Union Committee leaders in September 1956, who were accused of similar charges to the ones we face today.  In a judgment handed down by a judicial entity headed by one of the sheikhs from the ruling tribe at the time, the trials ultimately ended in the exile of some of those leaders to the prisons on the island of St. Helena.  Similarly and in this present day, the Court of Cassation, chaired by another sheikh from Al Khalifa, affirmed and endorsed the unjust military verdicts against us.  It is glaringly obvious to local, international and human rights public opinion that these verdicts are in fact evidence of guilt against the judicial system in Bahrain, come as a clear demonstration of the dominance of the ruling family and its executive authority over the judiciary and its use as a tool of oppression by the ruling family against the regime’s opponents.  


We are a part of a nationalist movement in which successive generations of activists and citizens have participated over decades, a movement of uprisings that have not ceased since the fifties of the last century.  Our enlightened Bahraini youth have given this movement a great boost on 14 February 2011 as a result of the revolutions of the Arab Spring commencing in Tunisia and Egypt and spreading like wildfire in an Arab environment yearning for freedom, democracy and human dignity.  We have joined our people in their revolution from its inception and witnessed our youth lead the ranks, engage in political field work, fall as martyrs, welcome the bullets with bare chests and embrace shotgun pellets with their bodies. They were always ready to carry on the battle and try again even after injury or imprisonment.  We are proud because our people, women, elderly, men and youth alike whole heartedly embrace the revolution, protect it and regenerate it in spite of the onslaught of repression and torture.  They have prepared themselves for a long battle with many sacrifices because they believe that freedom and dignity are invaluable, and that history has shown that victory in the end belongs to the people.


Freedom does not accept division or segmentation, nor do our people and their nationalist political opposition forces.  The battle for freedom waged by the genuine reform and revolutionary forces is a battle of principles not interests.  For our part, we salute all the nationalist forces and political opposition societies for their efforts to unite and energise the battle for our collective fates, a battle for a day when all of us are equal in citizenship, loving in our bond of brotherhood, and are citizens instead of subjects.


The time has come.  The time when injustice, oppression, discrimination and marginalistion ends.  The time when tribal dominance over the state along with the privileges bestowed upon the ruling elite and their corrupt underlings ends.  The time when the dawn of freedom for our deserving people who have sacrificed much arrives.  The time when we reform the judicial system to be a fair and independent institution protective of people’s rights. The time when all our citizens are as equal in our wonderful country as the teeth of a comb.


We remain unequivocally committed to our pledge.  Our resolve and determination have not waned nor weakened.  We remain servants to this great courageous nation, united with activists everywhere whether free, behind bars or in exile.  We thank God for his great blessings and the mercy bestowed upon us, and we thank our youth and our people who have not given in to despair despite the extreme cruelty and excessive force inflicted upon them by the regime to quash their peaceful protests.


Peace be upon you, martyrs and carriers of the flags of justice.  Peace be upon you, mothers, family and friends of martyrs.  Peace be upon you, the brave and wounded.  We salute you, the youth, women and men in prisons and on the streets because you made a vow not to return to your homes until injustice is eradicated and the shackles of oppression are broken.


We express our sincerest gratitude to our honourable lawyers who were our partners in defending freedom of expression and opinion, the principles at the heart of our trials before the courts.  We extend our appreciation to all those who have expressed solidarity with us and our fellow detainees.  Thank you to the free people of the world, whether individuals, human rights organisations, political entities or trade unions, who support our people in their distress, champion their cause and are the balm to their wounds.


Freedom, justice and human dignity is our cause, unity is our path and peaceful resistance is our means.   Long live our courageous people. Long live the glorious 14 February Revolution.


Prisoners of Conscience:


 Abdulwahab Hussain

Hassan Mushaima

Mohamed Habib Al Muqdad

Ebrahim Sharif Al Sayed

Abduljalil Al Sinqais

Saeed Al Nouri

Abdulhadi Al Mukhodhur

Mirza Al Mahroos

Abdulhadi Al Khawaja

Salah Al Khawaja

Mohamed Ali Radhi

Mohamed Hassan Jawad


Published on 13 January, 2013


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