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Waad Demands Release of Al Khawaja & Holds the Authorities Respoible For His Safety National Democratic Action Society Waad” followed with deep concern the alarming news regarding the...
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2012-03-21 21:02:03

National Democratic Action Society "Waad” followed with deep concern the alarming news regarding the deteriorating health of human rights activist Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, who has been on a hunger strike in Jaw Prison for more than 40 days. Al Khawaja’s life is in great danger, and he is in need of immediate medical intervention, despite claims by the Minister of Social Development and Human Rights that a medical team had been sent to examine him. Waad demands Al Khawaja’s release as a prisoner of conscience, as established by the BICI report that documented his illegal and unconstitutional arrest, contrary to all relevant treaties and international conventions.
Waad demands the implementation of all BICI’s recommendations, especially those concerning the necessity to release all political prisoners, including Waad’s Secretary General Mr. Ebrahim Sharif and his fellow political figures and Al Khawaja, whose life and safety is a responsibility  of the Bahraini authorities. Waad, moreover, demands bringing all those responsible for torturing detainees and political prisoners to justice, in implementation of Recommendation No. 1716 of the BICI report relating to holding accountablr all torturers and violators of human rights.

National Democratic Action Society “Waad” 21 March 2011


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