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Waad’s Statement on International Women’s Day
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2012-03-10 14:11:14

The International Women’s Day of 8 March this year marks the continuation of revolutions and demands for political change, democracy and freedom in a number of countries including Bahrain, which is still undergoing a critical phase in its political history in which women play an active and honorable role.

While celebrating this occasion, the Women Affairs Bureau at the National Democratic Action Society “Waad” salutes Bahraini women in all leadership roles for their continuous efforts to change and their cohesion with the social movement demanding a better reality.

Women were never absent from any social movement in Bahrain, although it had previously been limited to the participation of the educated and academics. However, in the movement of 14 Feb 2011, they responded to the calls for change and broke the barriers of fear. Women from all backgrounds took part, including teachers, doctors, workers, students, political and social activists as well as housewives. They sacrificed themselves until they became martyrs and were subject to the worst kinds of torture and suffering. Many of them are still awaiting trials that may end with unfair sentences that may lead them behind prison bars, despite the BICI’s conclusion of their innocence as they were only practicing their right of freedom of opinion and expression.

As we celebrate 8 March this year, we hope it would be an occasion to do justice to Bahraini women who were martyred, imprisoned, tortured and lost their loved ones in prison and by martyrdom, as well as justice to women doctors, nurses, teachers and academics who were maltreated by arrests, sackings and dismissals from work, salary cuts, humiliating conditions upon return to work and some who are still awaiting the completion of their trials.

While the United Nations’ slogan for this year calls for the empowerment of rural women to put an end to poverty and hunger, Bahraini women fight to earn a living, and demand social justice, a civil state and the just application of the Law.

Waad, while demanding basic human rights mentioned in international conventions ratified by the Kingdom of Bahrain, including the right of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, believes that the political, economic and social support and empowerment of women can only be achieved through:

  1. Presenting those responsible for the death of martyrs to the courts of justice
  2. Doing justice to women who were arrested, tortured, maltreated, sacked, dismissed, and compensating them.
  3. Granting Bahraini women married to a non-Bahraini the right to grant their nationality to their children by amending the Law and not by exceptional grants
  4. Issuing and amending the Law to support women in achieving their rights, protecting them from abuse and discrimination, and representing them justly in the Parliament
  5. Issuance of the second part of the Personal Status Law and establishing specialized courts that respect women’s’ human rights.
  6. The revision and update of all laws and national legislations to conform with the spirit of the conventions ratified by the Kingdom of Bahrain, including women's rights, especially the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and lifting reservations about it.

Women Affairs Bureau

National Democratic Action Society “Waad”

8 March 2012


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