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Opposition groups hold authorities respoible for killing of Ahmed Ismail & Demanding release of Abdulhadi Alkhawaja
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2012-04-06 19:54:24

Final statement of today's opposition march
The political societies note with deep concerns continued practices of security and military apparatuses of targeting citizens engaging in peaceful demonstrations calling for legitimate rights. In a serious turn of events recently, a young media specialist, Ahmed Ismail, was assaulted by live ammunition by civilian militia working for the regime. Ahmed was killed by a bullet fired at him in Salmabad (south of the capital city of Manama).

Opposition political forces censure and denounce the criminal act against Ahmed Ismail, which led to his martyrdom. Undoubtedly, use of live ammunition enters the country into a serious stage. Needless to say, only official organs including civilian militias working for the regime possess such weapons. As a reminder, opposition forces had warned earlier of perils associated with proliferation of civil civilian militias with regards to security crisis in the country.

Still, absence of serious investigations in uncovering the perpetrators only confirms suspicious official involvement in the killing of Ahmed Ismail. Though confirmed by a coroner, officials have been reluctant in releasing a death certificate making reference to gunshot, possibly to hide the truth. Whilst expressing their deep sorrow over the sad demise of Ahmed, opposition societies declare their solidarity with his family for the purpose of bringing perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice.

In addition, the political societies warn the authorities against continued illegal detention of human rights defender Abdulhadi Alkhawaja despite risk caused to his life. They call for release of Alkhawaja and all detainees including political leaders immediately and without restrictions or conditions. Unquestionably, the authorities must bear all repercussions of the possible martyrdom of Abdulhadi in prison as a result of hunger strike for more than fifty-five days. Such a development would elevate security and political tensions to a new stage of tensions and dangers.

6 April 2012

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society
National Democratic Action Society (Waad)
Nationalist Democratic Assembly Society
Alekha National Society
National Democratic Assemblage (Unitary)


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