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Letter of Protest Agait the Crimes of the Libyan Regime
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2011-02-24 17:25:20

Excellency Charge de Affair of The Libyan Brotherhood Bureau
Manama , Kingdom of Bahrain
  May God Pease and Mercy Be fill on You
The  Bahrain  opposition political societies  , and people follow with concern the savage and ugly massacres committed by the Qadafi regime against the heroic Libyan people , which inflicted thousands of martyrs and wounded in different Libyan towns and districts
  The undersigned political societies of this protests , while condemning the atrocities of the regime militia and mercenary against the protesters ,we demand an immediate termination of committing more atrocities and massacres against the Libyan people  facing bullets with free will of dignity , and to let the Libyan people express themselves with all means and to chose the democratic political system of its choice
Glory and eternity of the Libyan martyrs
Freedom to the heroic Libyan people
The Bahraini political societies
1-Islamic Action ( Alamal)
2-National Democratic Gathering
3-National Fraternity
4-Progressive Democratic Forum
5- National Islamic  Wefaq
6-Pan-Nationa Democratic Gathering
7-National Democratic Action (WAAD)
24 Feb 2011


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