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Activists Trial Set for 3rd February Amidst Allegatio of Torture and Forced Confessio
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2008-01-26 12:49:59


Activists Trial Set for 3rd February Amidst Allegations of Torture and Forced Confessions


Bahrain Centre for Human Rights

25th January, 2008


·   Detention and Harassment of the Family of a Detained Activist for Enquiring about Sexual Assault and Torture


·   Four detainees on their Third Day of Hunger strike due to being held in Isolation and Prevented from Basic Hygienic Needs


·   Legal Defense File Claims of Torture in Court Session of “Attempted Murder Case”



The BCHR received a written testimony from Hani Al-Sheikh stating that after a visit to Maytham Al-Shiekh (activists reportedly subjected to sexual assault), on the 21st of January, 2008, the family were mistreated, threatened and detained for 2 hours for enquiring from Maytham about details relating to his sexual assault and torture at the Criminal Investigations Office (CIO). They were later released after lawyers’ intervention.


In relations to the sexual assault and the torture of his brother Hani states previously in a written testimony on the 21/1/08:

“….After that I asked him about the timing of the torture and how it happened? He mentioned to me that following his arrest he was tortured on the same day 21/12/08 and at 8:30AM he was hung from his hands and the lower part of his body stripped naked and after he was beaten while he was blindfolded, one of the officers there ordered other policemen (Amongst them was an officer called Isa Awad Almajjali and another called Fahad Al-Fadalah) to insert a wooden stick in his rectum, he mentioned how agonizing it was and how he felt as if he was close to dying from the pain.”[1]


In relations to the Interior Ministries allegations that the forensic physician report found no signs of sexual abuse, Hani states “my brother was very surprised at this and stated that he was sure that the physician would confirm the sexual abuse as he had asked me  specific related questions such as how much bleeding occurred and for how long which made him sure that he would right a report in his favor.”


Hani Al-Skeikh, through his lawyer, later filed a report on their treatment and harassment at the Detention Centre to the Public Prosecutors office but it was rejected and the lawyer was informed, verbally, that this was not possible due to the fact that the incident happened in a police station so the report has to be filed with the Interior Ministry. He was also warned that this will lead to the Ministry filing a counter- claim against him on charges of insulting a public officer and would bring police officers to testify against him. After several legal consultations, Hani has decided to file a claim with the Civil Court and says that he is willing to take any reactions that may arise from the Ministry as a result.


The BCHR has, since then, learnt that following this visit, Maytham was once again transferred to the CIO after he had recently been moved to a detention centre where treatment and conditions are considerably better. The trial date of Maytham Al-Sheikh, as well as 14 other individuals including other activists such as Najji Fateel, Abdulla Mohsen, Ahmed Jaffer and Hassan Abdelnabi has been set for the 3rd of February, 2008.


Furthermore, family members who visited the detained activist Ahmed Jaffer today, informed the BCHR that himself and three other detainees who are still at the CIO are on a third day of hunger strike for being kept in isolation and prevented from their basic hygienic needs. They complained that Ahmad smelled as though he had not bathed in a long time. They also informed the BCHR that he was prevented from telephone calls for one week. 


 On a related matter, the trial of Hussain Abbas Hussain Mansoor commenced on the 23rd of January 2008. Hussain is being charged with the attempted murder of a security officer as well as assault on security officers. During the trial Hussain Abbas denied all charges against him and his lawyer, Mr. Adel Al-Matrook claimed that the defendant was subjected to torture and officially requested that the defendant be presented to the forensic physician for confirmation of these claims.  The trial was postponed to the 17th February, 2008.  After the trial Mr. Mohammed Al-Jishi, the BCHR Legal Coordinator who was present during the trial, stated that Hussain had red bruises under his right ankle and red marks on his wrists.




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